One of my best-selling items – the “Sweet Little Biographies” -- is a custom ordered artwork for your child, grandchild, loved ones, or even for yourself!  It documents the individual’s favorite things and personal quirks – hence, a true illustrated biography.  Since this was first launched/advertised locally in October 2017, it has been a big hit with the local parents.  Business grew via word-of-mouth as parents told other parents and orders started piling in.

How does this work?

If you are interested in placing a custom illustration order for a “Sweet Little Biography” for your child/loved ones/yourself, please click here for my Etsy store.

Once the order is placed, please fill out the following questionnaire (this is just a sample questionnaire geared for young children. There are different questionnaires tailored for different age groups available – please just ask me):

1. Name 
2. Birthdate and birthplace
3. Favorites, such as:
    a. Toys
    b. Food/drinks
    c. Book 
    d. Animal
4. Any personal quirks you’d like to add to the drawing. An example would be: "My child does ballet!" or "My child loves to play the piano!"
5. Please send photos of the child. If you have a specific outfit that you’d like me to illustrate the child in, please include a photo of the child in the said outfit as well.

Once the questionnaire is filled out, please send to, and I will briefly go over with you to make sure we are on the same page.  Depending on the time of your order and how many people are in line, I will be able to give you an estimate of the turnaround time.

The finished artwork will be on 8.5 x 11 premium art paper, packed in a stiff cardboard and protected by a clear plastic wrap.  The artwork is also formatted for an 8 x 10 mat.  The reason I chose this aspect ratio is because it is easier to find a standard 8x10 pre-cut mat at places like Michael’s.  Had I chosen an “odd” size, it would mean the clients need to order an odd-sized mat (and frame), and this can get costly.  So, how’s that?  I am thinking ahead to make life easier and more pleasant for y’all!

Place your order for a “Sweet Little Biography” here!